Sudoku App Reviews

88 add

What more



Great time killer. Use it all the time. Good features easy to use. Need to add more puzzles because I have done them all.


My "go to" app while waiting for life to surprise me with whats next!

My favorite Sudoku app

Like the options, just wish there were more than the 1000 puzzles. There a few expert puzzles where you have to guess to complete the puzzle.

Great game!

Love this app. There are a few expert puzzles you have to guess, so the only thing i would like is to have these puzzles removed and replaced with others that you dont have to guess.

Great game

Have had this game for a few years now, and it remains my go to game for passing idle time.

Keeps your mind active

Love it

Nov 2012

I love this game and I actually had my 8 year old son starting to like the game but ever since the update the easy level is NOT easy anymore!! It used to take me a minute and a half to do the easy level but now its four to five minutes. If it now takes me that long imagine my son. He no longer enjoys it as it Is to hard for him ( even on easy)

This is a great game

Ive been playing this game for a couple of years now, first on my iPod and now on my iPad. Initially, there were some usability issues but the creators fixed that fairly quickly and now the interface is pretty much perfect. I enjoy playing it just before bedtime. It is relaxing, enjoyable and good for the ole brain.


I love the way this program lets you make the individual note on each cell!!!

Great little game

Great game for killing time; I can stop at anytime I want, great for shopping withy wife.

Great game

Design is the best!


Play it all the time!


I love the game, there are endless challenges.

The Best

Ive played many other sudoku apps. This is by far the best.


It is the best


Way to go hours of fun.

The Best Sudoku App Ive Played

Ive tried about 6 or 7 Sudoku games and this one has the the best user interface. All Around it is the most enjoyable to play. I like how you can challenge others to the same board and the record keeping functions.

Love this game

Whenever I have an appointment and have to wait I play. Time passes quickly, sometimes too quickly

Great Time Waster

I love playing this Sudoku game. It has many levels and a great interface.

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